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I know its kind of early but would'nt it be coolto havea Smokin' Scouts Club bumper sticker? Tony

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That is a great idea. I was just talking to Todd Sommer about making up a tee shirt as well. There was a "BBQ Injected" shirt made by a Dieseler that was an excellent artist. I'll do some checking and see what we can come up with.

Here is a business card I made up awhile back. Musta been quite awhile, the post office won't deliver to the PO box anymore :)

Here is a look at the artwork from the shirt:

What other ideas does everyone have?

I am not an artist by anymeans how about a diesel scout infront of another car (or a jeep) and making them eat its smoke. SSmmmokin' Scouts Club with the scout guy with a big grin and the car(jeep) people getting aphixiated. Tony



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