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Unfortunately I've had to swap in a Cummins 4BT. I live in the Denver area now and found myself needing more grunt to make it to the trails up in the Rockies. The engine recently passed smog here in Colorado but had developed oil in the coolant shortly before I swapped it out. I never bothered tracking down the problem because I had already started gathering parts for the swap. Other than the leak the engine ran great and I used it as a daily driver for a while.

The T-19 was professionally overhauled about 3 years ago with new bearings and seals. Works great. I can sell it with the engine or separately. The bull gear is gone though. I also have a 2WD T-19 if that would be useful for anyone.

Obviously 1000 pounds of diesel engine is a bit hard to move, so you'd need to come pick it up. If it doesn't sell I'll end up parting it out... I'd rather see it help another Diesel Scout get a new lease on life. I'll take best offer.

See it in action here:

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