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I show 2 pictures, one is a black ORT terra.

All the experiments I do are tried out here first.
The latest is working out well. The GP's have been replaced with 10 sec plugs that self regulate some, for the tests.
As of today 7/10/07, the key is turned on [COLD] and a light comes on for 10 sec (as well as the GP's).
When the light goes out it dims indicating that it is cold and then the sys starts blinking the light and GP's. Now you crank until starting. The blinking of the GP's continues until the sd33 warms up and when the temp is such that it will start without GP's the sys turns off the GP's
When the engine is running the 10sec timer is cut out using a OIL pressure sw.
When the warm TEMP is reached ( indicated by the gauge sender) the GP's are turned off!
If the sd33 sits long enough as to not start by its self , but is still warm, the lack of oil pressure will start the afterglow sys permitting starting and then turn off when oil pressure is seen.
Any time the engine is cold the light will be dim even if GP's are off because of a safety timer that turns off the GP sys after 2 min. If the sd33 still is running rough a cycling of the key (off/on) reinstates the GP afterglow for another 2 min. or until warm temp is reached.

The safety circuit is because of: forgetting the key on overnight will cause the GP sys to come on by its self as the sd33 gets cold!!!

This temp sensing setup will not work with the OME gauge CVR--- only an electronic one.

Last night I proved on the bench that the OME Y103 GP's will afterglow with this system indefinitely,
even though they are not self regulating. This means
that this system will work with the only difference of
the start glow time will be 22 sec. Every thing else is the same but the afterglow time on is twice as long!

If all goes well , in the next few weeks , I will install this sys. in the red scout shown and drive it to the Nationals.
dick Any inquiries should be directed to as I check it dayly.

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