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It is time for the first oil change on the truck. Standard SD33T with a canister filter. I found a few threads here and there about finding the correct filter and what to do once you've got it. I figured that this, combined with the old filter setup would be plenty.

Of course the old filter is different, with different o-rings. The new filter, which everyone I can find (local garage, Wix website, and multiple threads) agrees is the correct one, comes with 4 o-rings (pictured below). One of the smallest seems to fit the drain plug, the medium sized fits the bolt, but the biggest o-ring is too big for the mating surface to the engine block. Along with this is an alum. washer that was at the head of the bolt, a copper washer and the spring.


What combination do I need to keep the oil in the truck, and keep unfiltered oil from working its way around the filter? And if this is the correct oil filter, why is the o-ring too big? The old mating surface o-ring is smaller and flatter than the new one. It is still in place and is still in good condition.

The pictures below show the puzzle pieces and both sides of the filter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Contrary to all the propaganda you did get the wrong filter. You also have the wrong spring, and looks like the spring seat is missing as well. I added the correct oil filter info along with some other info from the past few years. when you get the proper filter it comes with the proper gasket, plus the internal seal for the filter and the gasket for the through bolt.


You can get the fleetguard filter from:


go here for more:



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