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I thought there was some progress on this issue from past contact I made with WIX filters, Carquest, and NAPA. I see something changed, the Wix website again lists a bunch of incorrect filter applications for Nissan Diesel Powerd IH Scouts.  The air, fuel, and oil filters are incorrect. using the wrong filters WILL cause major engine damage. See the filter list for the correct filter numbers. copied below are documents with past communications with WIX, and a bulletin showing the correct installation of the oil filter.


oil filter problem 1:


Wrong filter. Wix has incorrectly substituted a ISUZU cartridge oil filter for the proper filter. These filters are available from Wix, NAPA, and Carquest. BEWARE! best advice is just don't buy filters from these places.


here is a pic showing the physical difference between the proper filter design and the Wix / Isuzu filter



  1. The rubber sealing gasket on the header end of the filter is smaller diameter than the original. it is close to the diameter of the mating surface on the header, but since the formed metal guide for the thru-bolt is slightly bigger than the thru-bolt, so the filter drops down slightly. This positions the edge of the gasket past the edge of the mating surface on the header. pressureized oil can easily push this seal out of place, and bypass the filter.
  2. The cannister end of the filter has a grommett attached. The grommett measures 16mm ID, the Nissan thru-bolt measures 14mm. This 2mm gap will allow quite a bit of unfiltered oil past at normal oil pressure. Since the sealing washer that comes with the original filter is not included in the package there is no way to even attempt to get the grommett to seal with the stock spring and backup washer.
  3. The proper cut gasket for the canister is not included in the package, nor is the thru-bolt seal, or thru-bolt sealing washer.


Problem 2. Incorrect installation:


an all to common problem with the canister oil filter is the spring and spring seat are left out when the filter is replaced. this has the same effect as no filter at all. Here is a drawing showing the proper location of parts.



If the spring seat (#14) is missing you can use a similar sized flat washer as shown below


 For the spring you can locate a similar sized compression spring from a hardware store, etc. Use Nissan Part number 15291-90003 for the spring seat and 15224-61501 for the spring.


Air filter problem. Incorrect size:


The Wix replacement air filter for the 1980 SD33T engines is too short, and the wrong design for the housing. this will allow dirt and unfiltered air to bypass the filter and destroy the engine. The only choices for the 1980 air filter are the genuine NISSAN filter PN 16546-73025, or K&N PN E9080








additional documents can be downloaded HERE



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