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Fellow Diesel Scout owner Ray Mull from Geronimo, TX has Scout Traveler liftgate cyinders available.


I was wanting to help the IH community too in some small way. I was hoping you would add this to your list of vendors or tell me how. As a merchant, all my life, I know how important a good source of quality parts at a reasonable price can be for anyone, but particularly for the IH owner. As I seek out parts for my own '80 Traveler SD33T, I thought I would make available to others those items I thought were of good value that I had a lot of difficulty finding. Where possible, I will stock items from the mfg. so I can ship immediately, as with the following.

My first 'offering' to this end is gas springs for the '80 Traveler's full size rear hatch @ $25/ea. + $5/ea. S&H in the lower 48. They are North American made, snap right over the 10mm mounting balls and have a built-in safety latch.

Replacement for IH part # 472518-C3
Also know as: '76-'80 Scout Traveler Liftgate Assist Shocks for Fiberglass Traveltop

27" extended length
15" compressed length
22mm tube dia.
10mm rod dia.
10mm ball end attachments with built-in safety latch
1 year warranty

Ray Mull
6917 N. State Hwy 123, Seguin
P.O. Box 32
Geronimo, TX 78115-0032

I can take Visa/MC/Disc cards direct + PayPal or Revolution Money Exchange on-line payment methods, either under my email address:

Thank you,

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