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My Beloved Diesel Scout Died......

A moment of silence please

Today my beloved International Scout with a Nissan Diesel engine passed on. The victim of a cracked piston. She was a good engine. Kind and easy to start on a warm morning with just a whiff of ether. Never asked for much more than a tank of fuel every other week, and some oil. Lots and lots of oil.

In later life she did start to hit the bottle more and more. What… Continue

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I thought there was some progress on this issue from past contact I made with WIX filters, Carquest, and NAPA. I see something changed, the Wix website again lists a bunch of incorrect filter applications for Nissan Diesel Powerd IH Scouts.  The air, fuel, and oil filters are incorrect. using the wrong filters WILL cause major engine damage. See the filter list for the correct filter numbers. copied below are documents with past communications with WIX, and a bulletin showing the correct…


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Nissan - 15208-61525

Baldwin - PT-153

FleetGuard - LF 720

AC DELCO - PF-1052

Purolator - L44754

FRAM - CH3505 

Hastings  LF365


NAPA - Carquest - Wix  DOES NOT have the proper filter


AIR FILTERS  1976 thru 1979

SD33 Normally…


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Hydro-Boost your brakes

This article was published in Binder Bulletin #19 February 2000


What is Hydro-Boost?

Hydro-Boost is the name of a hydraulic power brake booster patented by Bendix in 1974. The Hydro-Boost unit is used to increase fluid pressure in the brake system, while reducing pedal effort. This unit does the same job as a vacuum booster, and is connected to the brake system the same way. The main difference is the Hydro-Boost… Continue

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Parts Sources

adding info for Scout and Diesel parts sources

Fellow Diesel Scout owner Ray Mull from Geronimo, TX has Scout Traveler liftgate cyinders available.


I was wanting to help the IH community too in some small way. I was hoping you would add this to your list of vendors or tell me how. As a merchant, all my life, I know how important a good source of quality parts at a reasonable price can be for anyone, but particularly for the IH owner. As I seek… Continue

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