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A moment of silence please

Today my beloved International Scout with a Nissan Diesel engine passed on. The victim of a cracked piston. She was a good engine. Kind and easy to start on a warm morning with just a whiff of ether. Never asked for much more than a tank of fuel every other week, and some oil. Lots and lots of oil.

In later life she did start to hit the bottle more and more. What was once an occasional drink became a gallon every week. Sure she got hooked on the oil. 15W40, 30, 40, even 50 weight, it didn't matter. In the end Her habit was about a quart a day. We tried to break her of the addiction, we gave her treatments, Gunk, STP, SeaFoam, Rislone. Nothing helped, not even injector cleaner. Alas Betty Ford never had a refinery.

She began to smoke more & more, sometimes so excessive she appeared to be on fire. A hazard to motorists Smokey Bear said. Excessive emissions the CARB said. She was told to cut down on the smoke or be parked, parted, or crushed. Her crankcase vent was even routed to the air intake so she could swallow the excess vapors, but it did not even slow her smokey and smelly fumes, or her excessive leakage.

Her body began to sag with age, a combination of rust & dents had taken its toll. The cancer was spreading slowly, but surely through her entire body. All attempts to slow it, or stop it had failed. The cost of major surgery so great that her useful life could only be extended for a short time, and with costly life support the entire time.

In the end maybe it was the sight of the NEW truck with a PowerStroke Diesel engine sitting in the garage that pushed her over the edge. Shinier, younger, with a twin entry turbocharger, a bigger set of exhaust manifolds, and a split shot, direct injection HEUI fuel system. She knew that she would be cast aside to the junkheap. A new member of the "Scrap Diesel Scouts Club."

So in the end she went out with a bang. Knowing that the new vehicle was a part of a huge buildup of upgrades, expense, and debt, going out now would leave a lasting memory.

So this weekend will be our last together. We will be set up for viewing in my back yard. Mourners are asked to bring metric wrenches, sleeve pullers, oil absorbent, and a cutting torch in place of gifts. An engine hoist will be real nice too. A wrecker or roll back would even be better.

Services and interment will be Saturday around 11:00 am at Acme Diesel Recyclers on Rudolf Diesel Road, El Cajon, California.

May She Rest In Peace in IH Scout Heaven
(Or be resurrected as body parts for Japanese automobiles)

©Hung Phat Diesel™

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